EuChemS @ACS Spring 2023

ACS Spring 2023, the American Chemical Society's (ACS) major scientific conference was held in Indianapolis, IN, from 26 to 30 March. EuChemS was invited to attend and to participate in a number of events. While EuChemS was a regular guest at previous ACS events, this was the first in-person attendance of an EuChemS delegation overseas since the COVID-19 pandemic.
Marton Kottmayer,

At the event, EuChemS President Floris Rutjes and Secretary General Nineta Hrastelj met with the members of the ACS’s governance. From the ACS side, CEO Albert Horvath and COO LaTrease Garrison, Christopher LaPrade, and Christina I. McCoy, Ph.D. of ACS Global Engagement and Director of Strategy Jodi L. Wesemann were present at the strategic meeting, which furthered trans-atlantic cooperation between the ACS and European chemical societies. In addition a memorandum of understanding was outlined to reinforce the the consensus of goals of the two chemical societies.

Amongst other activities, EuChemS contributed to a wide variety of sessions. On 26 March, ACS’s and EuChemS’s Divisions on Environment held a joint scientific session, titled “Micro- & Nano Plastics as Transport Carriers for Organic Pollutants in the Environment”. Roland Kallenborn from the EuChemS Division of Chemistry and the Environment and Antonio Marcomini, Chair of the Local Organising Committee of 2023 International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment (ICCE2023) were co-chairing. Past Chair Brigitte van Tiggelen of EuChemS’ Working Party on the History of Chemistry, held a lecture at the “Workshop on Traditional Research Methods in History”, on 27 March. EuChemS President Floris Rutjes also presented his research on the same day, as part of the session on “Readily accessible strained difunctionalized trans-cyclooctenes with fast click and release capabilities” – which relates to the Chemistry Nobel Prize winning research on “click-chemistry”. Joachim Sauer, who chairs the EuChemS Gold Medal jury, presented on 28 March, after receiving the ACS Award in Surface Chemistry.

The ACS Spring is a series of major meetings organised by the American Chemical Society, in a different U.S. state each year. The 2023 ACS spring offered a wide range of different programmes covering all aspects of chemistry: research, education, career and industry programmes and events were held, in which thousands of participants could partake.

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