Forging connections across borders and chemistry disciplines

One of EuChemS’ key missions is to facilitate international cooperation across all areas of chemistry. The scientific conferences and symposia of our divisions, therefore focus on specific topics of chemistry – but reach beyond borders.
Martin Albrecht*, Katalin Barta**, Marton Kottmayer***,
*EuChemS Division of Organometallic Chemistry ** EuChemS Division of Green and Sustainable Chemistry, ***European Chemical Society

Collaboration drives science – and EuChemS is delighted to provide a platform for such collaboration through our numerous professional networks (PNs): Divisions and Working Parties. Our PNs are international expert groups devoted to the study of and dissemination of research within a specific subset of chemistry, under the banner of EuChemS. They are committed to organise high quality scientific conferences all across Europe, to allow experts of their respective fields to meet and exchange knowledge. Giving a European dimension to these specific areas of chemistry supports EuChemS’ goal i.e. it strengthens the European Chemistry community “block by block”, and shows how diverse yet interconnected subfields of chemistry are.

In this article, we are delighted to highlight a few conferences which took place this summer.

Green and Sustainable Chemistry

Fisciano, Italy hosted the 6th EuChemS Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry (EUGSC-6). The conference revolved around five key themes: green/bio-polymers, photochemistry & catalysis, electrochemistry & catalysis, carbon dioxide valorization, and biomass conversion. Over the course of four enriching days, attendees gathered in the charming setting of Salerno for a transformative experience in sustainable chemistry. Kicking off this exceptional event, the Opening Ceremony took place in the esteemed City Hall of Salerno. The event commenced with a captivating plenary lecture delivered by the distinguished Professor Arjan Kleij, the recipient of the prestigious 2023 EuChemS-DGSC Sustainable Chemistry Award. Professor Kleij’s insights set the stage for what would be an inspiring journey through the realm of sustainable chemistry.

Following the inauguration, the conference unfolded on the picturesque Fisciano Campus, spread over four days filled with engaging sessions and knowledge exchange. An industrial session brought together visionaries from various sectors, encompassing both industry and start-ups. These thought leaders explored the profound impact of sustainable practices on the industrial landscape. Representatives from renowned companies such as Novamont, Recordati, Chiesi, NatureBeads, and AOP4Water shared their valuable perspectives, enriching the discourse.

In total, the event welcomed 258 participants coming from 23 different countries. Among them were four distinguished plenary speakers, and 11 esteemed keynote speakers. These luminaries illuminated the conference with their expertise and insights. A remarkable 103 individuals delivered oral presentations, while 102 posters adorned the conference halls, collectively contributing to a remarkable total of 205 contributions.

Leading this illustrious event were the esteemed chairs, Professor Luigi Vaccaro from the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, and Professor Carmine Capacchione from the Department of Chemistry and Biology at the University of Salerno.

On Wednesday, the 25th, during the closing ceremony, where Professor Irene Izzo had the honor of presenting the SynOpen awards. The deserving recipients of these prestigious awards were Giulia Romagnoli from the University of Siena and Tim-Oliver Kindler from the University of Hamburg.

Ana Aguiar Ricardo, Chair of the EuChemS Division on Green and Sustainable Chemistry (DGSC), extended her heartfelt gratitude to the conference chairs, Professors Luigi Vaccaro and Carmine Capacchione, and all the dedicated participants who made EUGSC-6 a resounding success. EUGSC-6 was not just a conference; it was a celebration of sustainable chemistry’s profound impact, a testament to collaboration and innovation, and a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future.

Organometallic Chemistry

The XXV European Conference on Organometallic Chemistry 2023 (EuCOMC 2023) took place just outside Madrid in Alcala, Spain. EuCOMC 2023 brought together an impressive array of speakers and drew the participation of nearly 400 researchers from seventeen European countries and various countries worldwide, including Japan, Australia, India, South Africa, South Korea, RD Congo, United States, and Mexico among others. The scientific program featured an excellent line-up of seven distinguished Plenary and five Young Plenary speakers, as well as a carefully selected roster of almost 20 Keynote Speakers. Additionally, it included a mix of some 50 oral and 30 flash presentations as well as two poster sessions with about 100 contributions each. This setup cultivated a warm atmosphere for attendees to network and share their latest achievements in Organometallic Chemistry, all within the exceptional backdrop of the University of Alcalá’s historic and modern campuses. The EuCOMC 2023 succeeded very well in showcasing the high scientific impact of organometallic chemistry in many research areas including catalysis, medicinal chemistry, the chemistry of materials and beyond. All blocks of the periodic table were present, with a significant presence of main group metals. One of the highlights of the EuCOMC 2023 meeting was undoubtedly the presentation of the first Fischer-Wilkinson Award of Organometallic Chemistry to Professor Helmut Werner for his influential contributions to metal-based reactivity and kinetically labile ligands, which laid the foundation for the area of homogeneous catalysis. During the conference, Professor Werner delivered an engaging award address entitled “50 Years of Organometallic Chemistry: From Sandwiches, Tripeldeckers and Beyond“. The 25th anniversary of the launch of the EurJIC journal was also commemorated during this EuCOMC edition, featuring a brilliant EurJIC lecture delivered by Professor J. Cornella. The Division of Organometallic Chemistry wishes to cordially thank Professor Marta Gonzalez-Mosquera and her team for setting up such an inspiring program to bring the organometallic community together and to celebrate the latest achievements in a very stimulating and accommodating setting, and it looks forward to the next EuCOMC edition which will take place in Bern in early July 2025.

The picture shows the Chair of EuCOMC 2023, Marta Gonzalez-Mosquera (right) and the Chair of the Division of Organometallic Chemistry, Martin Albrecht (left) presenting the Fischer-Wilkinson Award of Organometallic Chemistry to Helmut Werner (middle).

These two conferences illustrate well the international dimension, and the outstanding scientific quality of the events of our professional networks. There was, and will be many more like them, so we are happy to invite you to keep an eye on our events calendar, follow us on social media, and if you have not yet done so, subscribe to EuChemS Magazine!

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