Working group on inclusivity in research assessment to form within CoARA

The General Assembly of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (COARA) was held on 15 December. Alongside strategic matters, working groups were introduced. EuChemS is part of the working group "Towards an Inclusive Evaluation of Research", which will join CoARA in the "second wave".
Marton Kottmayer,

CoARA aims to improve the quality and impact of research by reforming the framework for research assessment on the foundation of qualitative metrics, peer review, transparency, and responsibility when relying on quantitative metrics. During the December meeting, the General Assembly of CoARA voted on strategic issues, such as new Steering Board members and revisions of its constitutions. EuChemS, as a member and early signatory of CoARA attended the assembly.

During the assembly, national CoARA chapters introduced themselves, and the chairs of newly adopted “first wave” working groups presented their mission and aims during the meetings. A wide range of research assessment challenges are addressed by these groups, including but not limited to multilingualism, open RA infrastructures and academic career assessments.

In addition to “first wave” working groups, “second wave” groups were also mentioned. One of such groups is the “Towards an Inclusive Evaluation of Research (TIER)” joint group of multiple international universities as well as EuChemS. It will deal with the challenges unseen and unconscious systematic bias pose to inclusivity in research assessment, using intersectional data, raising awareness and creating cultural transformations in RA and spaces for discussion. This is also in line with the upcoming EuChemS Global Women’s Breakfast event‘s aims. “Second wave” working parties are in the final phases of proposal refinements. CoARA representatives expressed that they are “looking forward to welcome them very soon”.

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