The power of words

At the beginning of her service as President of EuChemS, Angela Agostiano outlines the value of an umbrella organization in speaking with a single, unbiased European voice in promoting the role and image of chemistry.
Angela Agostiano,
European Chemical Society (EuChemS)

On January 1, 2024, I assumed the presidency of EuChemS. Coincidentally, on the very same day in 2023, EuChemS Magazines were launched. One year later, we can confidently assert that EuChemS Magazines have proven to be a story of success. While my story as President is yet to be written, I cannot overstate the pride that comes with holding this prestigious position and the commitment to advancing EuChemS’s pivotal role in promoting the role and image of chemistry. The voice of EuChemS is an important tool for keeping alive the dialogue between scientists around the world. The times we are living are marked by major changes in the geopolitical structure of the world and by the return of ghosts that we thought were relegated to the past, such as war and the pandemic, giving new emphasis to already existing problems related to climate change, food scarcity, accessibility of energy, health.  These are monumental challenges that cannot be addressed solely at the individual or national level. Global collaboration among scientists is becoming more urgent than ever and must be kept in the foreground. Solutions to the plethora of challenges we face ask for prioritizing supranational interests, fostering inclusion, and eliminating prejudices and discrimination. From this perspective, transnational scientific societies, like EuChemS, play a crucial role in upholding the freedom and authoritativeness of science.

It was through encountering delirious interventions and the proliferation of fake news that the inspiration for this editorial come to me: we must reclaim chemistry from dubious figures passing themselves off as experts who saturate the communication channels daily. The voices of scientists and professionals who can articulate the profound contributions of chemistry in forging an alternative and sustainable growth model, need to be amplified. Let us persist in discussing the ‘beauty of chemistry,’ its remarkable achievements, and the ongoing challenges, especially with young people. By nurturing their imagination and innate inclination toward solving significant problems, we empower them to envision a brighter future.

EuChemS Magazine and EuChemS Magazine+ ( serve as invaluable platforms for both writing and reading updated news and articles on chemistry science and policy. The 9th EuChemS Chemistry Congress (ECC9), scheduled in Dublin this July, presents a great opportunity for your active involvement and contribution. It offers a floor to reflect on themes and issues through open debate among chemists and civil society. I sincerely look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, as it is crucial to ensure that our voices are heard. We have many important things to express and insights to share.

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