Call for Nominations: GDCh Named Lectures 2024

The German Chemical Society (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, GDCh) would like to invite you to nominate for the Named Lectures 2024.
Jasmin Herr, Karin J. Schmitz,
German Chemical Society

The Named Lectures are awarded by the GDCh in cooperation with international partner organisations. They are special awards for chemists of all disciplines. The aim of the Named Lectures is to intensify scientific relations between the countries. For this reason, the laureates always undertake a lecture tour in Germany.

This year, nominations are welcome for the Hermanos Elhuyar – Hans Goldschmidt Lecture (Spain), the Richard Willstätter Lecture (Israel) and the Victor Grignard – Georg Wittig Lecture (France). Please nominate chemists from these countries and enable them to network with German scientists.

Important details:

Nomination deadline: 30 April 2024, Submission requirements: Nomination documents should include a letter of recommendation, a detailed CV and a list of the candidate’s top 10 publications. Please note that self-nominations will not be accepted. Nominations can be submitted via

For further information, please visit