EuChemS to discuss implicit biases at #GWB2024 event

EuChemS is organising its fourth Global Women's Breakfast (GWB) event on 27 February, at 11:00. The event will examine unseen social biases in the world of chemists and the wider community.
Marton Kottmayer,

For this year’s GWB event, EuChemS connected with junior and senior researchers in academia and industry to create an interactive discussion between them and the members of the audience about implicit biases, and their effects on women scientists. Therefore we are especially excited to have your questions, which you can ask during registration to this free event. EuChemS President Angela Agostiano will chair the discussion with high profile scientists from versatile backgrounds: Carla Seidel, industry researcher and GDCh Past-President, Cristina Todasca, food chemists and EuChemS Division Chair, Jan Mehlich, science ethicist and Marina Resmini Professor of Materials Chemistry and EuChemS Gold Medal Jury Member. EuChemS Young Chemists’ Network Chair Claudia Bonfio will also share her thoughts via video message. Details about the speakers, as well as the registration form can be found here – and we are excited to invite you to register to this invigorating discussion next month.

The Global Women’s Breakfast initiative by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is organised in conjunction with the U.N. Day of Women and Girls in Science. On 27 February 2024, a wide range of events are organised all across the globe to address gender and diversity inequalities and related topics in chemistry, research and society.  EuChemS, committed to the inclusivity and accessibility of science, is a recurring GWB event organiser, participating in this initiative for the fourth time. In the previous years, EuChemS discussed professional empowerment, the “leaky pipeline” phenomenon women in academia may face, and the role of women scientists in global conflicts.

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