EuChemS submits response to ECHA consultation on PFAS

EuChemS submitted a response to the consultation on the proposed restriction of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).
Marton Kottmayer,

ECHA was requesting all relevant parties to provide scientific and technical information on their proposal on restricting PFAS. In addition, ECHA’s Committees for Socio-Economic Analysis (SEAC) and Risk Assesment (RAC) was holding multiple meetings this year to assess the risks posed by PFAS, and address them adequately. These meetings were attended by relevant scientific, societal and industry stakeholders.

EuChemS, in its contribution to the consultation while expresses support for the protection of human health and environment from the harmful effects of PFAS, calls for caution against generalising rules. The submission states that “Although PFAS compounds are persistent, their toxicity varies, depending on functional groups and/or the length of the alkyl chain”, and calls for proper assessment of PFAS compounds and intermediates used in production. In addition, while acknowledging the needs for bans, given the widespread use of certain compounds, EuChemS support transition periods.

After ECHA processes the results of its stakeholder meetings and the consultation, it will forward its dossier and recommendations on PFAS to the European Commission, which will carry on preparing an appropriate legislative proposal. This proposal will be discussed by the European Parliament before its adoption, which is not expected before late 2024.

According to ECHA’s report on the consultation, the most of the approximately 5600 responses were received from Sweden (1369) and Germany (1298), as well as from outside Europe, Japan (968). The majority of the respondents were companies (3313), followed by individuals (1543). 61 Non-Governmental Organisations (Such as EuChemS) submitted a response.

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