EuChemS contributes to Commission’s task force on Circularity

The task force met for the first time on 24 April. At the meeting, EuChemS introduced its initiatives related to circularity and examined their potential to contribute to the goals of the task force.
Marton Kottmayer,

The creation of a number of smaller, specialised task forces was the outcome of the Transition pathway for the chemical industry‘s first co-implementation meeting on the 6th of March 2023. Task forces were made to focus on International Competitiveness; long-term needs for the supply of energy and feedstock resources, and Circularity – recycling and re-use of infrastructure. All task force meetings were held on the week of 24 April.

The first task force meeting on Circularity was attended by, alongside EuChemS, a number of chemistry organisations and networks, national representatives, as well as representatives from the Directorate-Generals for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW), Climate Action (DG CLIMA) and Environment (DG ENV). The first meeting’s key goal was laying down the groundwork. Participants introduced their respective organisation’s existing initiatives, and their concepts on the aims and definitions of the task group, as well as potential KPIs. EuChemS was represented by Science Communication and Policy officer Marton Kottmayer, who introduced the EuChemS Periodic Table, and the workshop series connected to it, which, he emphasized, deal with element scarcity and circularity from a complex, interdisciplinary point of view. He also echoed the statements EuChemS made at the High Level Roundable on Sustainable Chemicals meeting, relating to the importance of incentivising the inclusion of sustainability principles in all levels chemical education.

The conclusions from the Task Force meetings will be presented on 22 June, at the next co-implementation meeting, after which the Task Forces will meet again later this year.

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