EuChemS contributes to Public Consultations

EuChemS contributed to the “Public Consultation on a possible EU Soil Health Law for protecting, sustainably managing and restoring EU soils” the “Public Consultation on the European Critical Raw Materials Act” and the “Revision of EU rules on food contact materials”.
Marton Kottmayer,

As part of its continuous policy advisory activities, The European Chemical Society sent responses to multiple Public Consultations published by the European Commission in the recent months. EuChemS is continuously monitoring such opportunities to provide input into policymaking and to ensure that policy is science-based and objective. Once a relevant consultation opens up, EuChemS identifies experts with appropriate knowledge, and reaches out to them to enhance the voice of European Chemistry in policymaking.

In October, EuChemS contributed to the Soil Health Law which considered matters of agriculture, food production and climate adaptation – all of which is relevant for EuChemS as its numerous climate and agriculture related activities show.

For the open consultation on Raw Materials, EuChemS contacted Nicola Armaroli, who has experience in element scarcity, in November. The consultation focused on diversifying the EU’s raw material supply as well as reducing usage and strengthening circular economy.

In January, EuChemS reached out to Chair of EuChemS Division on Food Chemistry Joana Amaral who assisted in providing input on the consultation on “Revision of EU rules on food contact materials” – the key aim of which was increasing food safety, and prioritizing public health by reducing contact between food and hazardous chemicals.

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