EuChemS contributes to interim evaluation of Horizon

The consultation "Horizon Europe – interim evaluation" opened on 01 December 2022 and closed on 23 February 2023. Alongside numerous stakeholders and citizens, EuChemS also submitted a response.
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This interim evaluation was the largest one to date on Horizon. It measured the sentiment of stakeholders – participant scientists, research performing institutions, academia amongst them – and interested parties’ sentiments. The responses – of which more than 2750 was received – will shape the development of Horizon Europe’s Strategic Plan 2025-2027. The consultation focused on the strengths and weaknesses of the programme as well as potential synergies between, and beyond clusters and their societal implications. Consisting of three major sections, it examined the public’s view retrospectively on the concluded Horizon 2020,

An overwhelming majority of the responses – almost 50% – came from academic institutions. Companies and businesses were also rather active in the consultation, likely because of the Horizon programme’s implications on research and innovation: more than 17% of the respondents were classified as businesses. The third largest respondent group was individuals, who provided more 13% of the feedback.

EuChemS was also amongst the respondents. As numerous stakeholders within EuChemS are involved with the Horizon Programme, EuChemS was delighted to represent them. The European Young Chemist Network represents multiple young researchers, who are directly involved with Horiozon, therefore EuChemS was happy to welcome their feedback. The Royal Society of Chemistry also contributed greatly. The responses provided by EuChemS can be read here.

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