EuChemS contributes to Allea’s Code of Conduct

On 23 June, All European Academies (ALLEA) released "The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity – Revised Edition 2023". As a stakeholder of Allea, EuChemS was invited to contribute to this document.
Marton Kottmayer,

This key document, recognised by the European Commission, serves as a reference for evaluating research integrity in projects funded by the EU. In order to adequately address contemporary challenges for research integrity, it is regularly reviewed. As a part of the review process, ALLEA consults stakeholders involved with research and policy. The final edition of the document was a result of a comprehensive consultation on the draft produced by ALLEA’s Permanent Working Group on Science and Ethics, that involved more than 30 leading stakeholder organisations – one of them being EuChemS. ALLEA reached out to EuChemS citing its “work and interest in promoting research integrity” to review the document’s capacity of reflecting key developments, clarity, and key resources.

The new edition It was launched at the 2023 General Assembly of ALLEA in London. The key changes from the previous, 2017 edition focus on the role of research culture in enabling research integrity, stakeholder responsibility on observing principles of integrity, the promotion equity, diversity, and inclusion, as well as privacy regulation, open science, and reflecting research assessment developments. The complete 2023 document can be accessed here.

EuChemS’ involvement of research evaluation and research assessment related policy activities is manifold. Alongside its recent contribution to ALLEA’s Code of Conduct, it is also a member of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (COARA), and participated in the European Commission’s High Level Open Science Policy Platform.

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