UK’s Horizon association provides ERC with extra budget

Amendments to the European Research Council (ERC)'s work programme show that an additional 125 million EUR will be available to European researchers. However, the amendment also indicates measures that increase research security.
Marton Kottmayer,

The ERC announced the additional budget in an amendment, released last month, to its 2024 work programme which was originally published in 2023. According to the council’s press release, the additional funds come from the contributions of the United Kingdom, which, after an arduous journey, successfully rejoined Horizon Europe in 2023, after its departure from the EU. The UK’s full ascension to Horizon Europe was supported by numerous organisations, including EuChemS.

The increase in the budget is expected to cover 48 additional Advanced Grants this year – therefore, in total, 285 grants are set to be available. The call for advanced grants have opened on 29 May, and researchers can apply until 29 August. These grants, according to the work programme, are provided for principal investigators who act as research leaders with extraordinarily promising and feasible research proposals. Alongside the funds for this grant, one million EUR was also reallocated towards science-communication.

In addition to the introduction of the additional budget, in light of the volatile geopolitical situation the amendment introduces measures related to research security: according to the amended work programme, the ERC’s Executive Agency will be able to object to transferring or licencing of intellectual property rights which are the results of ERC grants to third countries.

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