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Editorial by the President: Herewith, I proudly present the first issue of EuChemS Magazine+.
Floris Rutjes,

Last year, it was already announced that EuChemS will restyle its newsletters, meaning that the Brussels News Updates (BNU) and Chemistry in Europe would cease to exist at the beginning of this year. At the same time, a new newsletter called EuChemS Magazine, has been launched. It will appear 12 times per year, with most of the issues limited in size, reflecting the contents of BNU, while three of them will be somewhat more extensive, containing the types of contributions that were typically published in Chemistry in Europe. To distinguish between  them, the extended ones will be named EuChemS Magazine+.

The EuChemS Magazine represents a substantial improvement in EuChemS communication in several ways. First of all, this is a newsletter that everyone will directly associate with EuChemS through its name and thus contribute to our visibility. Furthermore, the cover of the newsletter and the lay-out of the pages are in the EuChemS ‘house style’, which makes it more recognizable for those familiar with EuChemS. Finally, in terms of processing of the content also some changes were made. New software is used, which makes it easier to create a professional appearance and allows the publication of new articles at any time rather than only at the launch of a new issue. This makes that the published content is typically up-to-date.

Designing and implementing such a new format, working with new software, double checking that everything works well, merging address lists, and probably many other things, requires an enormous effort and I am very grateful to the dedicated EuChemS Office staff Claudia, Marton and Nineta for all the work they put into this. The process was not always easy, but the transition went smoothly and the reward is an attractive newsletter that serves EuChemS better than the previous ones.

Aren’t you subscribing yet? Then go to and sign up. I also realize that a new newsletter is not immediately perfect. Do you have any comments, or do you see things that could be improved? Are there aspects that you like or do not like about EuChemS Magazine? We are eager to receive your feedback and very willing to implement suggestions for improvement. Please send your comments to

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