Connecting Chemists

Péter Szalay, President of the Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE), discusses the society and his vision for connecting chemists in Hungary.
Vera Koester,

Péter G. Szalay, Professor of Theoretical Chemistry at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, has been President of the Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE) since May 2023. In an interview with Vera Koester for ChemistryViews, the magazine of Chemistry Europe, he talks about the MKE, his professional inspirations, and his desire to foster connections among chemists in Hungary.

Founded more than a century ago, the MKE connects chemists from academia and industry across Hungary. Péter Szalay says the Society’s rich tradition and contributions underscore his commitment to strengthening the chemical community in Hungary. His main motivation for working for the Society stems from his belief in the importance of fostering a sense of community. He believes it is important to build broader connections with people who share a common interest in chemistry and to engage in enriching discussions.

He is also interested in international networking and would like to increase the involvement in organizations such as EuChemS, the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) and Chemistry Europe to further increase the visibility of Hungarian chemistry at the international level. He also thinks that we have to reestablish the weight of natural sciences in Europe, especially chemistry, in society and among the younger generation, so that we have more students and more professionals in chemistry.

Read the interview:

The Spirit of Being a Chemist in Hungary,
Vera Köster, Péter G. Szalay,
ChemistryViews 2023.