Commission Stakeholder Platform schedules Zero Pollution Talks

The Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform (ZPSP) - of which EuChemS is an invited Member of - will oganise a series of events related to the Commission's Zero Pollution Agenda.
Marton Kottmayer,

The first event of the series, called Zero Pollution Talks, is scheduled to be held online, on 27 June, 15:00-16:00. Titled “Zero Pollution & the European Year of Skills“, it will examine the key “green skills”, which are crucial to achieve pollution reduction. Incentivising the implementation of skills related to sustainability is a key objective of the stakeholder platform, to which EuChemS is fully subscribed to. Secretary General Nineta Hrastelj expressed EuChemS’ support for a skill-oriented approach in science-policy at the 4th Meeting of the High Level Roundtable on the implementation of the Chemicals Strategy on 1 February, stating “the availability and sustainability of knowledge is essential. Knowledge needs to be circulated amongst all concerned – not only contemporary stakeholders, but also the pioneers of future innovation, the representatives of the next generations”. The stakeholder platform expects that the event series will increase stakeholder engagement and dialouge.

EuChemS was invited to be a member of the ZPSP in April 2022, and continues to be represented at stakeholder meetings – the most recent being held in April this year – by Secretary General Nineta Hrastelj, Executive Board member Ioannis Katsogiannis and Science Communication and Policy Officer Marton Kottmayer. Its goal is to approach pollution reduction and science policy challenges from the perspective of the European chemistry community.

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