EuChemS supports inclusive research assessment

The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (COARA) approved a number of new working groups, including "Towards an Inclusive Evaluation of Research (TIER)" - of which EuChemS is a member of. TIER held its kick-off meeting on 22 March.
Marton Kottmayer,

CoARA, founded in 2022, aims to reimagine research assessment frameworks on the foundation of qualitative metrics, peer review, transparency and responsibility, by collaborating with a wide range of organisations with stakes in research – including EuChemS, which is an early signatory, and a member of CoARA since 2022. As a part of this mission, the coalition published a call for working groups, to identify specific avenues and tackle specific challenges related to its goals in a “bottom up” way, through co-learning.

Earlier in 2024, CoARA approved a number of working groups, includig “TIER -Towards an Inclusive Evaluation of Research”, chaired by Biancu Bonaria from the University of Milan. TIER consists of universities, learned societies, representatives from natural and social sciences as well as policy actors – EuChemS being amongst the members. It’s stated mission is to address the primary sources of unconscious bias, identify and propose concrete actions for mitigation, and produce guidelines for the future to ensure “equal opportunities, inclusiveness and the valorisation of diversity”.

Following CoARA’s confirmation, TIER held a kick-off meeting where members introduced themselves to each other, and discussed the action plan concerning the mission objectives. The action plan outlines that TIER will possess two internal task forces, one tasked with data collection and analysis, while the other with capacity building and communication. TIER’s tasks will be supported by the CoARA secretariat. During the meeting, future deliverables were also addressed: a landscape report on the state of play in gender balance and key challenges, a survey, a midterm workshop and a training course. The details of future deliverables are expected to build on the initial landscape report.

EuChemS strives for inclusion and diversity, therefore it is delighted to contribute to TIER.

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