7th International Congress Chemistry for Cultural Heritage 2024 (CHEMCH 2024)

02/07/2024 - 05/07/2024, Bratislava, Slovakia

Since the very beginning of conservation and restoration concepts and practice, different branches of Chemistry for Cultural heritage, such as physical, analytical, organic, inorganic, and environmental chemistry, have been playing a pivotal role in diagnosis, understanding causes and state of conservation, studying ancient production techniques, developing and evaluating restoration materials and methods, guiding conservators in the planning and execution of conservation-restoration interventions of both movable and immovable cultural heritage as well as in the education and training of conservation professionals.
The last decades have seen the introduction of new and advanced chemical technologies applied to the different fields mentioned above, which have marked a substantial improvement in the capability of the Chemistry discipline to answer specific conservation-restoration needs raised by the cultural heritage preservation international community.

The 7th International Congress on Chemistry for Cultural Heritage, organized by the Slovak University of Technology, Slovak National Museum in collaboration with the Slovak Chemical Society (SCHS), and its Division of Chemistry in Cultural Heritage, Slovak National Gallery (SNG) under the patronage of Slovak Commission for UNESCO is aimed at providing an international platform for presentation and discussion on all the above-mentioned issues.

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